Harvest Sunday

Sunday 13th October was harvest Sunday in Knockbracken CC. Over the weekend, a fair amount of work went into displays of flora and fauna for the church in order to recognise the occasion of thanksgiving to God for his careful provision for us. Traditional harvest themed hymns blended with modern pieces in both morning and evening services to allow us to praise the name of a triune God. In the morning service we looked at Jesus’ exhortation ‘do not be anxious about your life’ from Matthew 6:24-34, and the positive alternative to anxiety in his command to ‘seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.’ The evening service saw us conclude our look at the prophecy of Jonah, with the challenge there to see a merciful God, and a God who orders our steps, and administers his creation as he sees fit and in accordance with his character. God is our provider, not only of material things, and the necessary stuff of life, but of a way of escape from the wrath and judgement to come. That means of rescue is still today the Word of God incarnate, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Coffee and tea went down well after the evening service.


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