A Service of the Ordination and Induction of Rev. Calvin Coulter
to Knockbracken Congregational Church

Knockbracken Congregational Church had been without a Pastor since September 2018 when Rev. Jim Lyons and family left to serve the Lord full time in the Faith Mission.  However, God was gracious and responsive to the prayers of his people.  Calvin Coulter ministered to us in the Prayer Meeting over a number of months and endeared himself with his exposition on the book of 1st Samuel.  God’s plan for us became clear, and after much prayer and patient waiting Calvin was invited to become Minister of Knockbracken Church.  A service of Ordination and Induction was held on 21 September 2019 at 7.00 pm in Knockbracken Church.  Calvin’s wife Phyllis, his son Kyle with his wife Fiona, and his daughter Ashleigh with her fiancé Glenn, were all able to be present.  Ecc.3 says “For everything there is a season” and this early autumnal evening with its own glorious beauty and grace of dancing leaves was a backdrop to this service of dedication and commitment.

The call to worship was made by Rev. Noel Darragh and a packed congregation responded with their hearts and voices vibrant with praise.

A statement by Mr Ian Mewha was read on behalf of the Church and Mr Warren McWhirter prayed on the Church’s behalf also.

Following this Rev. Tom Brand (EFCC) explained succinctly and clearly both ordination and induction.  Following relevant questions, Calvin was ordained into the ministry of the gospel by Rev. Thomas Brand, and inducted to the ministry in Knockbracken by the current chairman of the Congregational Union of Ireland, Rev. Philip Campbell.  After this the Rev. Mark Ladds crowned this session with a prayer of intercession.

The right hand of fellowship was offered on behalf of the church by Mr Paul Wright, on behalf of the diaconate by Mr Donald Little, for the Congregational Union of Ireland Rev. Philip Campbell and for EFCC by the Rev. Thomas Brand.

The musical confirmation of these acts of fellowship was expressed in that lovely hymn

Wonderful grace

A charge to the Minister (Calvin Coulter) and congregation was made by Pastor Jonny McGreevy (Greenisland Baptist Church).

The hearts of the congregation were receptive and stirred by his message from John 21 “Feed my Sheep”.  Both sheep and shepherd were attuned to God’s message.  The atmosphere was rich with a sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and Calvin’s heart must have echoed the sacred lyrics:-

“My highest calling and my deepest joy

To make His will my home.”

Rev. Noel Darragh closed with a poignant call for each person present to quiet themselves before God and reflect on what they had heard and what had been done tonight.

May we all (minister and congregation) make His will our home

Article by Roberta Burton.